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The work

The images presented on this site represent the culmination of 10 years of learning, practicing and developing a form of work which i call LIFE photography.

the content is wide and varied with one simple commonality. LIFE.  In a sense, it is my life, but that is not the subject. The subject is Everything.

During these years, you would find me, always, with a camera around my shoulder, every day attempting to capture another fascination. You may have found me lying on the ground with my eye to the scene straining for just the right angle. You may have found me editing in a coffee shop, on a roof, on the train. I might have met you, i might have stopped you. I might have taken a picture of you. i may have taken many. I may have passed you on the street with my eyes locked on a distant interest. You may have taken the camera and turned it around on me. you may have found me standing in a field in the middle of the night with my camera pointed at a tree line and the stars above. You may have found me in a tunnel below Chicago in old abandoned spaces. It may have been anywhere in the everything.