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August Bach / LIFE photography / Everything

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LOST:   August Bach LIFE photography with Richard Patrick. (Filter)

The images presented in this video represent over a decade of photographic works.   The subject is LIFE.

I'd spent years seeking a way to express the volume and scale of the endeavor in a way that would convey its depth and personal meaning of everything that I had captured.  It definitely wasn' t a photo bok.

And then one night I talked with Rich on the phone, and he started playing his guitar...and I started singing  - freestyle.  It was such a release.  

He recorded it.


 I was in Florida.  He was in L.A.

A few hours later, he sent me this song.  He came up with the title.  

LIFE is so many things.  It was the full circle of two old friends coming together to make something new in this case.   The last time we did that, we were in hanging out in high school. I remember yelling into a guitar's pickups because we didn't have a microphone.   My mother didn't get it. 

I eventually moved away.

And then, one night, I got a phone call from Rich.  He was on tour.  A band called Nine Inch Nails. I'll never forget that call.  How excited he was.  (They were opening for Skinny Puppy!)

Rich has done a great many things as an artist, and it is such a joy to connect and be the creatives that we are together again.  Some things never fade.

Ever the rebels...never taking guff.

The images presented in the following pages are available as Limited editioned, Artist printed works.

They represent my best efforts.

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