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Artist statement

© 2023 by August Bach.  Images and content copyright August Bach.  All rights reserved

How to take a picture 


Take a big black box

climb up in.

then,  close it up really tight.

so it's really, really dark.  


just you. 


poke a hole in the box.

Do you see how the light comes in.?

the world from the outside

but upside down.

on the wall behind you.

cool right?

okay so,

you peer through that hole 

until there is nothing else, but out there.

reflected at the back of your own black box.

your insides.

and, your spirit.


When everything else, the box, the thoughts of the box, the stresses of being alone in that box

fall away...

That's your soul

reflected in the world out there.

Capture that.


August Bach 

©  August Bach 2022 -2023.  All rights reserved.  

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