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(The hall of awesomeness)

The Hall of awesomeness is a list of people who have helped me along the way.  Gratitude.

Bunny "Von Bun Bun" Naeole

The Unruh family

Thomas Schminke

Jayna G.

Scott Elliot Alderson

James P. Haney

Eileen Strumper

Harrry Struemper

Carol Whitehead

Amber Clark

Selena Rogers  

Bert Summerville-kain

Milyndia Joan Bray Bunn

Jarad Reynolds

Michelle Birchard

My grandpa Bob

Lindsay Lehane

Sara offensend

Kim Chapman

 jean imray

sue hendon

curtis weatherall

Eileen west

keith and ionella taege

Colleen Haynes

Keri Wellendorf

Byron Lahey

Diana Sherwood 

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