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© 2023 by August Bach.  Images and content copyright August Bach.  All rights reserved

I print everything myself in my studio.

Many years of traditional darkroom experience have been valuable lessons that are still vital to making a good print in the digital age.

I use only the best papers and the right materials


The best papers are selected and tested for each print.

The untrained eye may be satisfied, but years of study and darkroom printing practices let me know better.

i was missing the most important element.  The craft of printing my own work.  Every work available on this site is made and crafted by the artist.  It is signed, authenticated and sent with love.


I offer material value for collectors
Limited edition works have an intrinsic value through rarity.

All prints are made using archival pigments which will last for a very long time.  some up to 160 years before any change or fading.  They can be passed on.

Graduated value printing.
In a traditional gallery, prints are offered with an opening price for editions.  The first print costs the least, and the next prints increase in price as demand increases and availability decreases.  

There is a bonus in being the first!  The first print has the added value of becoming the most valuable in a series because it is the first.  its value is determined by the highest price paid which determines the resale value.  


LIFE photography - Is a documentary discipline which attaches a camera to one's life in a way that is geared towards using ones own experience as a raw material.  Non commerical or media based, it's intention is to create an intimate picture so that it is not limited by grandiosity.

Non-limited pricing.  -   There is a standing order in my method which states that a work may not be sold for less than it has previously.

The images presented on this site have been, with very few exceptions, reserved as fine art prints with a limited number of copies to be made.  The function of graduated pricing scales is to replace the function of a gallery representative as dealer while appreciating that demand is a cause for value increase.

When purchasing a work from a gallery, 

When sending my work out to be printed by labs, I had always felt that the best that I could ever expect to deliver was  just..."good enough".   


I knew that I could do better....

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