Self portrait as a man who planted 20 ferns of which 12 survived.

A very bright little girl once asked me a question, she asked, “august, how can i draw what i see?”  


Of course, i started priming her on perspective and composition and the basic fundamentals of drawing...but she stopped me right away.


“No, August,  i mean, how do i draw what i see?”  (the “see” being emphasized)

aha!  the real question.

As a LIFE photographer, it is my whole purpose to find ways to bring to life the things that i see. 

The artists see.  

It was a good question; one that really gets down to the root of my photographic work.  Stiving to capture what i 


It was a brilliant question born of a ripe young mind.

At the core of the artist lies this very fundamental question which informs the whole of our processes.


For me, This question is  


I replied, “Well, you just have to put it down in a way that others can see what you see, and how you see it.  - and if you reach inside and find your own way to get those colors and shapes and feelings to come out and show it, you’ll come to find that there are others who see what you see too.  But you have to work on how you get that out.”


it’s the same with photography.  


The works presented here are the product of a period of my life spent, obsessively at times, seeking, practicing and producing works that come from how i see the world from within, and actively through the lens without. 

Life photography is a practice of submitting the eye towards the freedom to discover and to unveil the moments that are always there, but often missed.  create ways to be truly present, disciplined in execution 


These works are my life.  They are the explorations and the journeys of the past decade of my life and they are derivative from a practice of constant documentary and daily devotion to revealing that vision which i posted to an ever expanding list i call “August Radio.”


If there is one rule that i have tried to follow, it is to capture life as it is and it will show you what it is within you.  The true magic of “seeing”.


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