I call it life photography.  

what is that about?  

well.  it's about life.  specifically my own, which i have intentionally captured as a form of expression. 

I've never been one to be commercial.  Photography, for me, exists as an art form.  as a deep volume of moments which have sought to capture life at it most actual.  

there is a theory that in nature that light exists as both a particle, and as a wave.  when you aren't looking at it, it's possibilities are limitless...the outcome unknown.  but that at the very moment that you make an observation,  it becomes frozen in a certain state.  it no longer holds mystery.  yet, we know that it does!.  

am i so bold as to insist that i am a quantum photographer?  

probably.  why not?

Life photography is a merging of one's actual life, one's actual experience as a form of expression.  

When imagining myself in each of these places, with these characters, the colors and the forms exposed before me...

there is always one thing above all else, what exists in front of the lens and through my eye 

As such, it is ultimately my own, but meant to yours.


It is the desire to experience, on the long level, all of the emotions that make life so extraordinary and sublime...it is also, at times, the necessary rekindling of it’s pain.  In life, it’s how it is.  A feast of experiences.  


I believe in the all of it.  That, there is as much importance to all things.  That a photograph about life isn’t always pretty.  Yet, those memories, memorials, as fleeting as the moment also, the imagination that surrounds it. 

What i mean is this.  Let these be limitless.  Let the history of the work be spoken by the moment.  everything around the image is for you.

I call it life photography.